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Fallen Fae- BlackButler x reader chapter 2
A small breeze blew through your (h/l) (h/c) locks, if it wasn’t for the fact you were flying for your life, being chased by two reapers; it would actually be a nice night for flight. 
 Flying low you brushed through the streets, your lightly undertone wings barely touched the passing buildings. You could hear the men behind you, they weren’t too far off.   “Ugh, where is that brat?”   
You turned the corner heading down a darkened street- you elevated yourself with a push- the street was far too narrow to fit your wings. Realizing the risk, you headed to rooftops. The familiar feeling of the wind returned and lifted you higher into the sky, the moonlight faintly illuminating your (s/t) skin; it rustled your feathers some, but you let it carry you ahead.
For a moment it was quiet, almost too quiet for your liking.
“THERE YOU ARE!” the red headed reaper screa
:iconsilly--kitty:SiLLY--KiTTy 9 0
Dance With A Demon- Claude x Reader oneshot
(e/c)-eye color    (s/t)-skin tone
(h/c)- hair color  (f/c) favorite color
(h/l)- hair lenght (f/c)-favorite color(pick another!)
Today was it, your time was up; you’d completed the contract made with your demon butler Claude. He’d helped you right the wrong in your life, exacting revenge on those you’d done you and the (l/n) family wrong all those years ago.
Silently you gazed out the window, as the snow fell onto the already blanketed ground. You didn’t mind dying today, really it was a nice day for it, at least you thought so. Winter was always your favorite season, you loved running outside wrapped in your f/c sweater and f/c scarf.  The snow landing on your eye lashes and nose. 
  “Please Claude no formalities, I've told you many time it’s just (Y/n) and after today I won’t even be that.” You sighed softly, and slid off the windowsill turning to fac
:iconsilly--kitty:SiLLY--KiTTy 22 5
Icon by SiLLY--KiTTy Icon :iconsilly--kitty:SiLLY--KiTTy 3 3
A Fallen Fae- Black Butler x Reader
E/c- eye color
H/c-Hair color
H/l- Hair length (short, long etc.)
F/c- favorite color
You slipped through the shadows, looking for an open window or even a light- some indication there were people about. At the edge of the street you saw it, the bright orange glow illuminating a window. Perfect. In a graceful bound you landed on the roof a peered inside gently tucking a strand of your (h/c) bangs behind your ear.
“Goodnight dear-“a mother as putting her daughter to bed.  Gently she kissed the child’s forehead, silently you awed- humans and there affectionate displays it almost moved you. Almost. The little brunette child hugged her mother.
“Night mamma,” she looked around 5 or 6 you could practically smell the innocence coming off her; it smelled like cookies fresh from the oven oh what a feast she’d make.  The girl’s mother smiled and left the room closing the door behind her. The child turned to face the window, her eyes clos
:iconsilly--kitty:SiLLY--KiTTy 14 8


Chibi Tutorial - 4 poses by Kogane-chan Chibi Tutorial - 4 poses :iconkogane-chan:Kogane-chan 2,844 96 Pencil Drawings #1 by XMajutsu-shiX Pencil Drawings #1 :iconxmajutsu-shix:XMajutsu-shiX 32 7 Sorrel by InvaderKwin Sorrel :iconinvaderkwin:InvaderKwin 10 13 AT || Dr-Galaxy || Willow by EviIBoyGenius AT || Dr-Galaxy || Willow :iconeviiboygenius:EviIBoyGenius 7 2 Sailor Moon by NightmareIndigo Sailor Moon :iconnightmareindigo:NightmareIndigo 51 74 Species Sheet - The Wampus by Kaylink Species Sheet - The Wampus :iconkaylink:Kaylink 2,371 812 Original Species Tutorial [Focus] by Fumi-LEX Original Species Tutorial [Focus] :iconfumi-lex:Fumi-LEX 1,650 112
Papa!GermanyxChild!Reader! Part Two
Papa!GermanyxChild!Reader! Part Two
Note: Enjoy! I really appreciated the abundance of wonderful compliments on the first one! ;D Sorry if it is too long for you, I think I put too much detail in.... ;A; Oh well. Please have fun! :)
~*Your POV*~
You woke up with caution, feeling a softer, lighter fabric against your body. As you opened you eyes slowly, you sniffled, raising a (s/c) arm to cover your eyes from the sudden amount of light. As you covered your eyes, you noticed the white color of bandages that clung to your tiny arms like sleeves. You sniffled, feeling tears stream down your cut cheeks. What happened to my arms…? You thought to yourself, feeling your mind become a loss at memories. Squinting your (e/c) eyes, you lowered your arm, and looked around from where you where laid. What you saw seemed unsettling to you, making you whimper in fear.  You didn’t remember coming to this place, especially how you remembered lying in
:iconautumnewt:autumnewt 141 47
Be Mine ~ DemonFACEFamilyXAngel Reader ~ Chapter15
You and Matthew stood at the reception desk. You were both watching the clock hanging above the door. A few murmurs of encouragement had been exchanged between the two of you, now though there was just a deadly silence. You took a deep breath in looking at the large door. You couldn't explain exactly how you knew, but you could feel the darkness building on the other side of the door. This must have been how shopkeepers and security feel the brief few moments before a massive sale. People pressing up against the glass, looking around with their mind set on what they wanted. Sizing up the competition and who would be a threat and who they had to beat. You thought it was bad being on that side of the door waiting to get in, that feeling had nothing on the terror starting to build in your mind as you stood on the other side preparing for the crowd. Matthew noticed how worried you looked and gently moved his hand to squeeze yours. You looked up to him as he gave you a comforting smile. You
:iconlucyevans11:LucyEvans11 63 46
The Salisbury Heiress by NightmareIndigo The Salisbury Heiress :iconnightmareindigo:NightmareIndigo 24 66 ''World meetings are boring, don't you agree?'' by NightmareIndigo ''World meetings are boring, don't you agree?'' :iconnightmareindigo:NightmareIndigo 30 100 Ruby Hartwell by princesschris89 Ruby Hartwell :iconprincesschris89:princesschris89 2 0 DRae invader Zim style by BatzyDRae DRae invader Zim style :iconbatzydrae:BatzyDRae 62 10 older DRae invader zim style by BatzyDRae older DRae invader zim style :iconbatzydrae:BatzyDRae 74 34 Voltage + Speedpaint by EviIBoyGenius Voltage + Speedpaint :iconeviiboygenius:EviIBoyGenius 4 0




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so if you see anything from there im just moving it over. For now you'll mostly see fanfictions until (hopefully) a tablet for my birthday. I don't bite (much) just come on over

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